verted_visions00(i am no zer00) April 2020 page 20

so BED DEATH was an album i put out last march. if you heard it good. if you didn't oh well. i didn't expect the album to be a major event. but part of me feels like there's so many artist and so there's nothing special about what i do. perhaps letting go of being special was the only thing putting out this project was supposed to accomplish for me(kill the ego). it feels disappointing but also relieving that the project is finished and completed. it was my first musical collab and time in a studio which was really cool and nerdy. i prefer to record at home and so i do. often i feel like my life depends on the success of the art and that value had to change. but what i learned after this project is it's just fucking art stranger you need to chill, go outside and ride your bike or something. life is happening all around and its yours.

i intended on bed death being a skateboard film but i cant fucking ollie. i float around. i take pictures and record videos when i float around the city. i guess im a camera guy...for now.

"it's FLAS like it or fuck off" -Stranger the Angry Elephant